New party runs candidate for South Brisbane

A new political movement, the Democratic Alliance Party, is yet to gain registration but has recently begun campaigning in the inner Brisbane seat of South Brisbane. Hoping to snatch the seat from Queensland’s Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad, the centrist liberal party is running a low budget grassroots campaign.

Buoyed by the success of liberals overseas, particularly Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau, the party hopes to gain registration federally in the not too distant future.

Their candidate for South Brisbane, Daniel Ashworth-Preece, works as a paralegal and has lived on Brisbane’s southside for a number of years. He says he’s proud of his local community and believes that the Labor Party and Greens present two poor choices for voters. With the LNP rumoured to not be contesting the seat, Ashworth-Preece has a unique opportunity to capture the centre ground in the upcoming vote.

The party could not be contacted for comment, but it is understood to be sorting through a number of diverse candidates attempting to preselect in other Queensland seats.


One thought on “New party runs candidate for South Brisbane

  1. This party has been sorely needed in Australian politics for a very long time. Surely there’s a base of around 30% of voters who would be totally for this cause!


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