Our View: Vote Liberal Democrat

With Britain going to the polls, The Somniare backs the Liberal Democrats. They are the only internationalist, economically sensible, centrist choice to choose from. 


We stand on the cusp of the most important election in modern European history. When Theresa May called the vote, pollsters predicted her hard-line Brexit Conservative Government would win an overwhelming majority in Parliament. The election is now looking tighter, with a late surge by the far-left Labour Party. Despite this scare, May will probably hold her majority. Pollsters still believe May will come out of the election with 340-360 Tory seats, with polling averages giving her an approximate 9-point lead over Labour: the Conservatives are at 44, Labour 35, Lib Dems 9, and UKIP at 4. Corbyn loyalist notions that he will beat the polls appear fanciful; only a few pollsters predict a strong Labour result.

Despite the likely Tory victory, there will still be plenty to watch on the night. Greater London looks likely to swing away from the Conservatives on 2015 totals, which could make things interesting. Polling has suggested a 7% swing to both Labour and the Liberal Democrats in the capital – the city has clearly turned away from the authoritarianism and isolationism May espouses. The Conservatives should expect losses in Twickenham, Kingston, Carshalton and Richmond Park to the Liberal Democrat candidates. Similarly, Conservatives are at risk in other south London marginals to Labour. Pro-Europe candidates will probably take seats off the Tories. A vote for Lib Dems here is the sensible choice.

Scotland too shapes up to be interesting. Polls there suggest a strong result for the Conservatives, who look set to pick up their strongest Scottish total in nearly 30 years. These gains come at the SNP’s loss. It won’t be a good showing for the nationalist party – they also stand to lose East Dunbartonshire, North East Fife, and Edinburgh West to Lib Dem candidates. These would be serious scalps for the fledgling Liberal Democrats. They could potentially give the party leadership options should results in England and Wales be less encouraging. The decline of the SNP should be viewed as a positive by anyone who supports the United Kingdom’s perpetual union.

Elsewhere, Tory supporters will eagerly expect a strong result in Wales. Green Party  supporters can look towards Bristol West and Brighton Pavilion for success. Other seats to watch are in the university towns. Surveys show that one’s level of education is indicative of support for more liberal candidates. The seats of Oxford West and Cambridge could potentially fall to the Lib Dems.

All in all, the Lib Dems look set to materialise their #fightback. Whilst the wheels fell off the campaign bus weeks ago, their groundwork is uniquely promising and community based – this gives them a strong shot in seats that voted to remain in the European Union. They even look likely to hold seats that voted for Brexit, which is encouraging.

Why the Liberal Democrats?

Corbyn is a pacifist socialist who despises New Labour and his party’s modern heroes. Former Labour supporters of Blair and Brown should not vote for him as he disdains their values. The Green Party received 3% in 2015, but they are no longer the populist fringe party – Corbyn has moved Labour to the hard-left. Corbyn refuses to condemn the IRA explicitly; he has appeared at rallies with communists, Islamists, and Britain-haters. He is unfit for office, and liberal progressives should not get behind him.We may sound like The Sun, but it’s the truth.

Similarly, the Tories under May have increasingly adopted a more hard-line, antiliberal position on issues. This is not the party of Cameron anymore – the party has absorbed many ideas promoted by UKIP. The Conservatives have lost their title as the pro-business, internationalist, free trade party. Don’t let Greg Knight fool you, for a party that aggressively promotes leaving the single market, damages British businesses, and tears up human rights doctrines is not a remotely economically liberal or worldly party. This video shows the damaging foreign policy and human rights mentality May has taken to this election.

The only mainstream alternative to the Labour Party and the Tories are the Liberal Democrats. The party is in support of internationalist, pro-business, socially liberal policy which would benefit the U.K. They are the only party promising a strong relationship with Europe. Mainstream liberalism has brought prosperity to the West – voters should not turn away from it now in favour of socialism, protectionism and authoritarianism. Stomach the coalition years and do not allow May or Corbyn a majority. Voters should follow the lead of Canada and France – vote in centrist liberals when they are needed most.





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